Fernando Jaramillo is a Colombian artist born in 1966, and have been a keen artist since a young age. He grew up in Santa Marta, the oldest Hispanic city on Colombia's Caribbean coast that is surrounded by amazing beaches, swamps, rivers, and mountains rich in biodiversity and ancestral cultures.

Fiction based painter whose work focuses on life seen from a subatomic dimension. He is interested in exploring the interconnection processes between science and art by building micro-macro landscapes of biomorphic abstractions. Fernando has a very fluid style characterized by intense saturated pigments through which he investigates about lyrical and musical meanings inward the soul and substance of colors. He Mixes the painting language, graphic design, and street art expressions. The composition arises from a very intuitive improvisional process, there are no previous studies but it comes from a dialogue with the painting itself.

Jaramillo's artwork has been featured in international publications and media, has exhibited extensively in both solo and group exhibitions, art fairs, and contests. He has been getting National and International reputation and his paintings is also housed in a number of private collections worldwide. Lives and works in Bogota.

For more information on Fernando's art -or just to say hello-, feel free to get in touch.


2019 Spectrum Miami Art Fair Contest / Art Basel Week / Circle Foundation for the Arts + World Wide Art and Artavita

2018 Chelsea International Fine Art Competition / CIFAC, New York City

2018 BIG Barcelona International Gallery Awards / CAGE Gallery, Spain

2017 Luxembourg Art Prize / Galerie Hervé Lancelin, Luxembourg

2017 Self Expression / Saatchi Gallery London UK

2017 Painting & Drawing / Celeste Prize, Italy

2016 Contemporary Visions VII / Beers, London UK

2016 Diversity Bogota / Casa Cuadrada Art Gallery, Bogota-Zurich

2015 Tina Prize Amsterdam / Associazione culturale Radar, Venezia Italy

2014 In Glorious Color Showdown / Saatchi Art Santa Monica, CA

2014 Factory-Art Projects New York, London and Berlin

2014 Painting & Drawing Celeste Prize Italy

2013 Factory-Art Projects New York, London and Berlin

2012 Abstract Showdown / Saatchi Art Santa Monica, CA

2012 Portrait Showdown / Saatchi Art Santa Monica, CA

2012 Art Takes Times Square / Chashama NYC

2012 Canon discover Colombia Photography contest / Canon Bogota

2011 see l me Photography / Squarespace + Chashama + see l me NYC

2011  Canon Colombia National Photography contest / Canon Bogota

1990 Millicom Sculpture Commission / Millicom London UK


2019 Finalist 2019 Spectrum Miami Art Fair Contest / Art Basel Week / Circle Foundation for the Arts + World Wide Art and Artavita

2018 Artist selected for the IFC Asset Management Company Annual Review (print and online) / World Bank Group

2012 Top 10 Finalist / Abstract showdown / Saatchi Art Santa Monica, CA

2011 Finalist / Canon National Photography Contest / Bogota

2007 Artist selected by PricewaterhouseCoopers for the book Voces 60 Años PwC / Bogota

2000 Winning Artist / National Award for Individual Creation in Painting / The Government of Colombia - Ministry of Culture / Bogota

Jaramillo´s artworks has been featured in several Books, Magazines, Newspapers, TV Shows, Virtual galleries, Art catalogs, Art Blogs, and websites.


The artwork has been featured in the following collections:

- PricewaterhouseCoopers, Bogota

- New This Week Collection by Rebecca Wilson

- Inspired by Yves Klein Collection by the Curator Kat Henning

- NPQ's Summer 2013 Edition curated by Cassandra Heliczer

- The Bright Fantastic Collection by Rebecca Wilson and the Saatchi Art curation team

- Celebrating Kusama curated by Katherine Henning

- Spotlight on Latin America Artworks curated by Rebecca Wilson

- In Celebration of Yayoi Kusama Artworks curated by Yosha Moudgil

- Private Art Collections / Germany, United States, United Kingdom, Poland, Switzerland, Spain, Chile, Costa Rica and Colombia


2018 M-art / M maison 6348 / SN maCarena / Galería El Garaje, Bogota

2018 Christmas Art-Auction / Casa Teleios - Jorge Jurado Art Studio Gallery, Bogota (upcoming)

2018 Art auction / Sculptures / Davril Gallery, Bogota

2018 Miradas Iniciales / Jorge Jurado Art Studio Gallery, Bogota

2017 Red Dot Spectrum / Art Basel Miami Art Week

2017 De Autor / Le Village / Cero Art Gallery, Bogota

2016 Art auction / Davril Gallery, Bogota

2016 Diversity National Art Exhibition / Casa Cuadrada Art Gallery, Bogota-Zurich

2014 Abstract / Frame of Mind Art Gallery, Miami Beach

2013 International Art / Casa Cuadrada Art Gallery, Bogota-Zurich

2012 Best of the House / Casa Cuadrada Art Gallery, Bogota-Zurich

2011 Art Takes Time Square / Chashama, NYC

2009 Art + Soul / Los Angeles, California

2008 Voces 60 Años PwC / PricewaterhouseCoopers, Bogota

2007 Dementesbrillantes / Casa Cuadrada Art Gallery, Bogota-Zurich

2006 Erotic Art / El Benjamin Alternative space, Bogota

2005 Santo Tomás de Aquino, Bogota

2004 - 2016 Diversity National Art Exhibition / Casa Cuadrada Art Gallery, Bogota-Zurich

2003 The Poetics of Space / Galería Sala de Espera, Bogota

2002 Fusionarte / Davril Gallery, Bogota

2001 / 2002 Hipermercarte / Galería Sala de Espera, Bogota

2001 Paintings and sculptures / Davril Gallery, Bogota

2001 Transformacción / Casa Cuadrada Art Gallery, Bogota-Zurich

2000 Kunst 77 / Casa Cuadrada Art Gallery, Bogota-Zurich

2000 Fine Arts Exhibition / Gilberto Alzate Avendaño Foundation, Bogotá

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